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Hannah House

Hannah House is a drug/alcohol recovery program for addicted expectant females to become drug free before their baby is born. This center will provide a Christian recovery program dedicated to helping expectant women suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs, and to educate these expectant women about alcoholism/drug addiction, and the causes and effects of their chemical dependencies on their unborn babies. Through this program we have had the honor of helping over 300 babies enter this life Healthy and not addicted to drugs or alcohol. This is truly a great blessing!
Hannah House at the Home of Grace for Women

History of Hannah House

Living in a dysfunctional family does not automatically mean that an individual will turn away from God. Neither does turning to God guarantee that the problems of a destructive family situation will go away. Reaching out to God, however, does ensure that we will have a far better chance of coping despite the devastating circumstances. Hannah lived in a difficult family situation. Her husband, Elkanah had a second wife Peninnah. Such a relationship, although it may have met certain needs, almost inevitably would lead to problems. Hannah's husband loved her more than his other wife. He was unaware of the negative impact this would have on the relationship between the wives. Peninnah became jealous of Hannah and got back at her by flaunting the fact that she had children while Hannah did not. Bearing children in ancient Israel gave the mother both personal fulfillment and social status. Hannah acted with bitter anguish. No amount of comforting by her husband could relieve her pain - she wanted a child. In desperation, on a yearly pilgrimage to the Tabernacle, Hannah silently poured out her grief to God. She pleaded for a son and vowed to dedicate her child to God for his entire life. After admitting her helplessness and her renewed spiritual confidence, then God would grant her request. When God did give her a son, she named him Samuel, offered a prayer of praise to God, and fulfilled her vow by dedicating Samuel to God's service. God, in turn, blessed Hannah with additional children. Our only hope is to turn our life over to God, regardless of the circumstances, and then allow Him to work recovery and healing within us.
The Blessings of Hannah House