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Home of Grace
For Women
A Christ Centered Alcohol & Drug Recovery Program
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Adult Program:

This program serves females ages 18 and up who are addicted to alcohol and /or other drugs.

Program Purpose:

1. To provide females a residential setting with an environment conducive to overcoming addiction problems, with strong emphasis on moral responsibility. 2. Provide counseling to help the addicted female determine the underlying problem, which in many cases, is responsible for the person turning to drugs. 3. Provide education on addiction, and the dangers thereof. 4. Get clients accustomed to a regular schedule. 5. Teach clients coping skills to help them maintain their sobriety. 6. Help them regain their self-esteem. 7. Help with re-entry into society by recommending that they maintain a scheduled life-style that includes attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and that they find a sponsor. Also, that they return to After Care provided by the Home of Grace each Monday afternoon at 5:30 P.M. 8. Our goal is to help the addicted female realize that she has a problem, but that she can control it by using the proper tools. Also, to help them realize that they can lead a full, happy and productive life.

Nature of Operation

The Home of Grace for Women, Inc. is a residential recovery program for females addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.

Type of Program and other available Services

The Home of Grace for Women, Inc. offers an inter-denominational Christian program to the addicted female with strong emphasis on the advantages of a Christian atmosphere. While no proselytizing or coercive activities are involved, the participants of our program are encouraged to make the fullest use of the support and remediation that is to be gained through Christian practices and faith. The Home of Grace was established upon the premise that a strong and practiced Christian faith offers a great potential for renewal of one's life, particularly in dealing with those problems that have resulted from the use of alcohol and drugs. While strong emphasis is placed on the Christian program, we offer a 12-week recovery program consisting of group counseling, one-on-one counseling, devotionals, Bible studies, arts and crafts, recreation, assistance in preparing for G.E.D., Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. The participants of our program are exposed to counseling, Assertiveness Training, Values Clarification and Feelings Groups. These services are provided by staff members who are experienced addiction counselors. We also have volunteer counselors who provide counseling for the ladies. Family therapy is also provided to facilitate the integration of client to home. Another service offered to the participants of our program is school. A teacher is provided to assist those who have not completed their high school education to prepare for their G.E.D. Other participants are offered assistance in refresher courses on their particular level. At the end of the 12-week recovery period, ladies who do not have a family or profession to return to, may remain at the Home of Grace under Graduate Status if they meet the criteria. They seek employment through Vocational Rehabilitation and the Job Training Partnership Center. Some of the graduates are furthering their education by attending college. Follow-up, or After-Care programs are provided for the graduates. We do not have a medical detox; however, ladies are evaluated to see if detoxification is necessary before being admitted to our program.
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