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Home of Grace
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A Christ Centered Alcohol & Drug Recovery Program
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Kim’s Story

I need to start out by saying I give God all the glory for where I am in my life. I started using drugs and alcohol as a young child, just for fun. Little did I know I'd be where I am today. I'm now 39 years old, married for 17 years, he is also a recovering addict, and now I'm totally clean and sober for almost 7 months. In May 2005, I attempted sobriety on my own. I went without crack-cocaine and marijuana for 187 days, but continued to drink excessively. Needless to say, I relapsed in November 2005, wound up going to jail for 12 days, then I was accepted to The Home of Grace for Women I arrived on December 12, 2005, and left March 2, 2006, as a new creature in Jesus Christ. By His grace and mercy I am still totally clean and sober, my husband is as well, we have moved into a lovely two bedroom house, I am a full-time student at Bishop State community College studying to become a Social Worker. And I work part-time at Big Time Diner in Mobile. I honestly believe if it wasn't for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, plucking me out of Baldwin County Detention, and sending me to The Home of Grace for Women, I would be dead, or in jail. As a result of my recovery my entire life is wonderful. I have much gratitude for agencies such as the United Way and all the wonderful churches that give their support for helping provide places like The Home of Grace for Women where people like me can find a new live. Today, I don't worry about anything; I have the tools I need to remain clean and sober. And I have an incredible amount of unconditional love in my life now. I hope to help other addicts in my situation someday. I belong to a wonderful church, Mt. Hebron, that I visited while at The Home of Grace for Women. The pastor and congregation are very supportive of my entire family. I praise God for Mrs. Littleton and the staff for their dedication to saving lives. ~Kimberly Knight

Jennifer’s Story

My name is Jennifer Williams and thanks to the grace of God I have been sober since April 20, 2005. I first began sneaking alcohol in the sixth grade. I loved it! I wasn't shy and it made me have more fun. I tried Marijuana. I didn't like it but with peer pressure and making me more popular I smoked it regularly. It wasn't long before I was buying Ritalin from the kids at my school and snorting it to get high. My parents noticed a drastic change in me. Every time that they tried to punish me I would just pack my bags and move in with my father. My senior year they sent me to rehab in Florida. I spent 28 days there getting sober. But it didn't last long and I moved out of my parents home a month before I turned 18. I found going out every night was great. Someone I met introduced me to Cocaine. I thought I had it made. It would help me stay out all night and then continue to work the next day. It wasn't long before my co-workers were worried about me. I would have drastic mood swings I was up one minute down the next. All of this was because of the drugs I was taking. I finally lost my job because I came to work reeking of alcohol. I met a man that liked to party like me and I moved in with him. My parents did not approve and came and took my car away from me that they had co-signed with. Soon Cocaine wasn't enough so we both tried crack. My boyfriend became violet both physically and mentally. I would try to leave him but he would show up with more crack and I couldn't resist it. I hated the way I was living, I had no job, no car, no family, and no self esteem. I tried to kill myself several times. Thank God I didn't. My sister called me and I lied to her and said my life is great, holding in the tears, too embarrassed , and too proud to tell her what my life had become. Hanging up, I fell on my knees and prayed to God for help. The next day I went home and told my parents the truth. They took me to the Home of Grace for Women and left me there. The first difference I noticed was that I felt safe, and I hadn't felt safe in many years. While I was at the Home of Grace I was saved, baptized and have a wonderful relationship with God. I was only 23 and I knew God wasn't through with me yet. After the program I became a housemother. I loved it. I was giving back what I had received. Helping women just like me find a better life. I am now enrolled in South Alabama and I want to be an elementary school teacher. My life was greatly changed because of the Home of Grace. I found God there and it's what I needed all along. I am now also engaged to be married to a wonderful man that I love. I thank God I went to the Home of Grace. ~ Jennifer Williams 
Kim's Story of the Home of Grace